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3 May 2013

27 Years

While it might have been artistically intriguing and in some strange way even satisfying, we are pleased to say this post is not entitled 27 Years because the song took that long to write or that long to make the video!
No Measure - Ben & Alfie

Here it actually refers to the 27 year long prison sentence of the wrongly convicted Sean Hodgson. There is a very moving article about the days after he was released entitled "Freedom? It's lonely" on the guardian website - www.guardian.co.uk - which is quite shocking and definitely worth a read.
Sean died last October, 3 years after he was released at the age of 59.

The song is based around our impression of the story after we read it in the paper a couple of years ago and is on our new album "No Measure".

For more information about the song and lyrics visit our bandcamp page. You can also download the track from iTunes or bandcamp!
No Measure - Ben & Alfie

15 Feb 2013

No Measure

Its here, its there, it is everywhere! Or at least that is the idea... Our new album "No Measure" is finally out and available featuring 10 of our original songs. The album has been a while coming but hopefully you will consider it worth the wait. It was recorded over the first half of 2012, Mixed with help from some fine engineers and producers, particularly Rob Harbron, and finally mastered at Loud Mastering in Taunton in October. So it has been a long term project but incredibly useful to our artistic and technical development in a way which just couldn't happen in a week in a studio.

We have even already been sent some lovely feedback about the album which is a great thing to have since it lets us know, as much as it does you, that other people are enjoying it!

WOW !! - Just listened to "No Measure" - WOW again!
Fantastic stuff guys - Congratulations. I'm so impressed. These songs are all so good! Beautifully sung and played. It's been a long time since I enjoyed song after song on a CD - it just kept getting better!
I'm out of words........

I've been listening to the tracks this afternoon...sounding great, with a warmth and clarity that really work

The album is fantastic! Congratulations! So happy to have a copy, it has made my month!

Just got your new album 'No Measure'. Listened to it immediately. Beautiful music, beautiful lyrics. Thank you.

What an amazing sound! Congratulations on your brilliant album.

Fantastic really well done and a lovely production.

We are also happy to say that it is now available as a download from Bandcamp so if you would prefer a high quality (or low quality) download to a CD then you can get a copy of No Measure or any of the individual tracks as easily as clicking your mouse (though you may have to click your mouse more than once). You can get an mp3, m4a, wav, aif etc... or almost any other form of audio file from Bandcamp including CD quality files if you are as picky about your sound as we are!

Finally thanks for visiting and if you enjoy the album - Please tell all your friends, enemies and indifferent acquaintances about it!

15 Nov 2012

Ben & Alfie at the Royal Albert Hall

We are having a very exciting month this November!

Photo Credit: Richard Johnson
On Monday (12/11/12) we performed at the Royal Albert Hall. It was a pretty spectacular night with many top quality performances from young orchestras and ensembles. As a duo we were the smallest group to perform over the three days of the Schools Prom but there was a great variety of different styles from Big Band to String Quartet and a Jazz Quintet.

It was the first time we had ever been to the Royal Albert Hall and we were really struck by it’s unique character. Somehow this amazing and, lets face it, enormous space managed to capture equal parts of magnificence and intimacy that we have never experienced before in a venue.

We now have a little performers page on Classic FM with Photos and even an interview!